Open At 7: 01 pm, Chair Crosby recognized the presence of a quorum and called the meeting to order. Minutes

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Conservation Commission

April 8, 2010

Present: Chair Brad Crosby, Wayne Elliott, Brian Mokler, Mary Ahlgren, Lindley Kinerk, Vice Chair John Earley and Katy Wells; Alternate.


At 7:01 pm, Chair Crosby recognized the presence of a quorum and called the meeting to order.


Mary Ahlgren made a


to approve the minutes of March 11, 2009 as written, 2nd by Brian Mokler all were in favor.

The commission invited Lisa Morin, Program Coordinator from the Belknap County Conservation District. Ms. Morin reviewed the 2008 Farm Bill information will the commission and discussed different areas of priorities as set forth by the Board of supervisors. Ms. Morin asked for input for our priorities and whether or not we agreed with what was outlined in her brochure. Ms. Morin also outlined the discussions that have been taking place at Swain Farm, and all the agencies that are working in collaboration to preserve the Swain property to keep it as a working farm. Ms. Morin also reported some of the other things her agency is doing such as; writing a conservation innovation grant to convert a greenhouse to solar energy, working with the Town of Gilford to write an aquatic mitigation grant for Gunstock Brook, and they held a Milfoil treatment program. John Earley requested to have more information on the treatment of Milfoil.

Old Business

Lots for Sale Nothing for discussion until Dec 2010. Swain Update

See notes from Lisa Morin discussion

Possible Easement-Dion’s Property

Brian Mokler stepped down from the board, for the purpose of this discussion.

Chair Crosby reported Rob Dion left him a message stating that he and his wife are still waiting to have further discussion with their accountant and will get back to us. Mr. Dion’s message also included that he and his wife would like to get 90K for the easement. The commission will wait to hear from the Dion’s before further action or discussion occurs.

Brain Mokler is back on the board.

Earth Day Lindley reported that we will be getting trash bags from NH the Beautiful and in addition, we will receive 800 daffodil bulbs for the community that will be handed out in the fall, so that residents can plant them roadside. There is an article in today’s Winnisquam Echo; SantBani will call Lindley on the night of 4/22 with the info on what roads they covered for Earth day so there is no duplication of efforts. There was a request for separation of the roadside trash, it will be suggested when the bags are handed out. The DPW director will be having his men pick up the trash and bring it to the transfer station after it’s collected in the bags. It would be nice to have a map of the town so we have reference as to where the efforts will occur and so that we can track clean up, Mary will look for hers and donate it. Lindley will email the flyer so the commission members can forward it to others as well as members will be posting signs throughout the community and surrounding areas for public notice. Other Outreach plans/ideas Lindley will confirm the May speaker

New Business

Chair Crosby reported on the conservation camps, stating that Barry conservation camp is closed this season for repairs. Chair Crosby also reported he contacted the Science Center and Fish & Game and is waiting for a call back. Mary Ahlgren suggested that we contact Cab Vinton at the Library and see if they are interested in getting a season pass for the Science Center. Mary Ahlgren made a


to purchase a summer 2010 pass for the Squam Lake Science Center, 2nd by Chair Crosby, after a brief discussion Mary withdrew her motion and Chair withdrew his 2nd.

Mary will contact Cab Vinton and get back to the commission.

Mary reported from the MPAC and stated that she had concerns for the way the process was described to her for the processing of building permits concerning wetlands. Mary suggested sending a letter to the ZBA and Planning board and copy the BOS, to request the commission be put back into the “loop” of decisions being made for Sanbornton. Katy will research the process and the RSA’s and draft a letter and bring it to the next meeting.

The commission discussed the Emerson Brook project not happening and how we may want to consider a conservation easement on the 460+ acre parcel.




Chair Crosby made a


to adjourn at 8:57pm, 2nd by Brian Mokler all were in favor.

Respectfully submitted

Katy Wells; Secretary and Alternate Member


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